This stuff is really good for natural hair. I like how the shampoo is easily spread in the hair and I only used two washes as opposed to the usual salon standard of three. The conditioner smells great and compared to my previous conditioner tends to tighten my natural curls so my hair stayed “African”. It was surprising to me at first having been so used to conditioners loosening my curl pattern slightly. Thanks again. Monica

Shampoo smells really great. I dampened my hair and rubbed some in and worked it in and rinsed. I then did a second round, which was fabulous, it foamed up with just the right amount of foam. After rinsing my hair felt super clean and my scalp felt like it was breathing. It had that slightly squeaky, clean feeling without feeling stripped or straw like. I really enjoyed it and it did a good job, which I could tell because my curl pattern showed and my strands looked healthy and shiny. Puseletso

Baobab and Lemongrass conditioner smells amazing and I used less than I thought I would. The tingling of the conditioner was the best part of it, it felt like it was doing some kind of magic. I left it on for about 30 minutes and even after I rinsed it out my hair didn’t crunch up and go dry. After rinsing off my hair was bouncy and the scent stayed on. To be honest, I had a really great experience.I also loved that I had minimal shedding…despite the fact that I haven’t washed my hair in forever! My hair felt loved. Great product! Puseletso

The shampoo was really cleansing for a sulfate free shampoo, despite having three weeks of product build up on my hair and scalp, I managed to achieve a clean head. The shampoo really is moisturising. Didn’t get any dryness on my hair, scalp and fingers and felt like a co-wash. My hair felt like it was coated in some oil of sorts and was smooth and soft to the touch. Thanks Tubalemye

Sarona loved the Baobab and Lemongrass conditioner. She was even asking if you’re going to do a spray or moisturising butter to use after washing. She loved the tingling sensation! You have customers here for sure!

Your shampoo and conditioner worked magic on Evania’s hair, it’s so soft and her curls absolutely gorgeous!! Melissa